February Monthly Article
February 4, 2024, 12:00 AM


The subject: “Doctrine” may sound boring, it is about life and that is far from boring. Doctrine is what we believe. It has to do with who we answer to and why we are here. In all of life we act on what we believe. I believe that when I flip a certain switch, a light will come on. I believe that when I drink a glass of water, it will help me stay hydrated (and that’s healthy). Some things are certain, and some are only just likely. I believe that eating right is likely to keep me healthy. I believe that being nice to others will likely cause them to be nice to us.

So, we act on what we believe. Doctrine is our life. I believe that the Bible is breathed out by God and is His love letter to me, therefore I read it and learn about the Lord and about life. I believe that prayer is conversation with the Creator of the universe. It is a relationship with God so do it all day, every day. I believe that what I request from Him is likely to be given to me, so I am not afraid to ask Him (“…give us this day our daily bread.”). I believe that God is at work in me “both to will and to do His good pleasure” therefore I rest in Him. It’s His work, not mine. I trust that He is sanctifying (perfecting, making me Christ-like) me by His grace, not my efforts. I believe that God is God and I am not. He is perfect in every way. He is just in all that He does and total loving as He does it. So, I live confidently, knowing this all-knowing, all powerful, and perfectly loving God wants only the best for me. I know He is self-giving so I can give Him my life and experience the joy of His giving Himself to me.

All that doesn’t sound boring to me. I heard a preacher once say that if we thought God liked cherry pie, we would bake Him one. What God likes is us. He wants us to be in a relationship with Him, in which He does all the heavy lifting (in fact, all the lifting!). What God likes to have you and me in such total belief in Him as God, that He can be His own activity in our surrendered selves as we rest in Him.

In Christ’s amazing love,